Pi4 unstable when powering from DAC2HD board with 5V/6A supply

I power the Rpi4 from the DAC2HD board (= better sound quality to my experience).

Everything worked fine for a couple of weeks.  Recently i notice that the RED powerled from the pi goes on and off.  Network becomes onstable and Pi becomes unreachable (music keeps playing though).  

Checked my power supply and it stay 5,01V when the power led goes off from the PI.

Connecting an external HD makes the led turn off immediately. The DH drive can not even spin on and the red LED stays off.

Connecting a 5V/3A USB supply to the RPi and everything works fine (with lower sound quality).  

It seems the 5V that the DAC2HD board can deliver to the Rpi is limited...

I connect the powersupply to the horizontal connections on the DAC2HD board




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