Beocreate 4 with 4 Beovox 1


I probably posted this message wrongly in a first attempt, so posting again (apologies for eventual duplicates).

I am thinking of buying a Beocreate 4 to drive 4 built-in Beovox 1 in a home I just purchased. The speakers are there, but there is no amplifier...

I would assume the Beocreate's 4 channels are enough to drive 4 speakers, but a tutorial I saw for the Beovox CX50, suggesting channels are used to drive tweeter and woofer separately had me confused...

So I have two questions:
1. Can anyone confirm driving 4 Beovox 1 is doable using just one Beocreate?
2. It is my understanding I can the Beocreate 4 can run without a Rasperry Pie, can anyone confirm this will work in my case (I don't intend to program the DSP)?

I am a complete noob here, so don't hesitate to run me through the basics of the basics :) ...

Many thanks to anyone that will be kind enough to help.



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