Problem with DAC+ Pro and Raspberry Pi 3

I have a system with all new components:

  • Rapsberry Pi 3B+
  • HifiBerry DAC+ Pro
  • 5V 3A power supply

The DAC+ Pro is mounted on the Pi using the plastic standoffs. The system is not boxed.The green LED on the DAC+ Pro is on. I can ssh to the Pi OK.

I have tried loading the latest versions of Volumio and HiFiBerryOS, with similar results: Streaming services (e.g. from Internet radio stations) will play OK for 10-20 seconds, then become progressively more distorted until all sound is gone. Resetting the playback controls (in Volumio) or starting a new radio station (in HiFiBerryOS) sometimes results in the audio coming back. The UI in HiFiBerry in particular is very sluggish to respond when a new radio station is played, sometimes taking many seconds before playback is shown. I don't think this is a network problem - I can play the same radio stations on a laptop without any issue.

I've download HiFiBerryOS diagnostics, but not sure what parts of that might be useful to post here (it's not possible to attach the entire zip file is it). Any ideas on what to do next would be most welcome. 


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