Reaper and shairport-sync at the same time with digi+ standard

Dear All,

I´m trying to have my raspberry with Digi+ Standard work as an airplay receiver with shairport-sync at the same time as playing via midi through soundfonts in Reaper on an rpi 4 with buster 32 bit.

I tried to follow the instructions here, but this did not help:


The background is that I use XRDP to get into the raspberry from a Windows computer on which I´m doing everything else than playing on the midi keyboard, so I´d like to send the sounds from the Windows computer over to the raspberry and hear them while playing the keyboard. Mostly because I don´t like to switch back and forth on the amplifier to which the two devices are connected; 5 mins playing keyboard here, 5 mins listening to spotify there, but also sometimes in need of playing music from the win computer, to which I´ll be jamming on the rpi. 

Any ideas how to achive this?






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