HiFiBerryOS questions


Info: my NAS is Synology with latest upgrade and with Logitech Media server running. I use 2 Squeezebox Touch to day running OK. I have a large number of albums mainly wav/flac files. Two days ago I installed the HiFiBerryOS (2020908) with success. No error messages.
In the MPD menu I see my NAS server and when typing user/pw I get the following message:
«Destination unavailable» and text «Available shares on the selected NAS could not be listed».

Squeezelite: I see the HiFiBerry DAC in the LMS system on my NAS, with IP address, correct name and all seems OK.
I also see the HiFiBerry DAC when logging on to the www.mysqueezebox.com<http://www.mysqueezebox.com/> system. But, I am not able to activate anything when selecting Squeezelite ON: no music in list or nothing happens.
Please advice how to solve these problems.

Om the DAC2 HD:
Radio works OK
Music on USB stick works OK.

None of the other services is working, they are enabled. The DAC is connected by a cable to the same local network as all the other components I have.


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