Various problems with OS installation


Trying to install different releases, but getting problems with every.

1. 20200908 - the only one which installs, gives ability to set wifi, after reboots and goes to infinite reboot loop.

After adding noreboot file - system didn't launch and got Kernel panic. 

nothing happens after.


2. 20200805 - shows rainbow, berries with 1 line of text:

Firmware Bug: Bootloader left irq enabled: bank 1 irq 9

after black screens and nothing more , thinks for a 5 minutes, after lights stop blinking (only faint green sometimes can be visible) forever. 


3. 20200727 - same as previous


4. 20200708 - rainbow, berries, no problems wrote here unlike previous. BUT result is the same, 5 minutes of blinking, 1 reboot and nothing after. 


5. 20200629 - same as previous.


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