Digi+ Pro dropout

Occasional dropouts, where the first split second of certain tracks on an ad hoc Roon playlist will skip before commencing to play. I never get dropouts after that point and if I drag the misbehaving track back to the queue, it almost always plays perfectly the next time around. Gear: Digi+ Pro on a 2 MB Raspberry Pi 4 via a Cat 7 connection to a 3 TB Apple Time Capsule containing lossless FLACs. Roon running on a newish iMac w/ SSD. Time Capsule talks to iMac via WiFi about 1 foot away from the iMac. Related(?): recently discovered that gapless playback of albums had been hindered by having WiFi on at the HiFiBerry main page on the iMac's browser (Safari). Turning WiFi off to the Digi+ Pro ensured that Cat 7 Ethernet was the only signal to the RPi.


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