DAC+DSP after power outage: unable to get working again


I am afraid I am in need of some serious support.

A few days ago we had a very rare power failure in the neighbourhood. As a consequence of this, my working DAC+DSP (with rew filters active) stopped working. It turned out that the SD card had been corrupted. I changed the SD card, installed the latest version of HifiBerry OS and tried to get it working again.

There is now a sound program option in HifiBerryOS which I changed from Beocrate to SAC+DSP universal and installed that. I tried to reload my filters on the DSP through SSH, but that does not work. Whatever I try (and I tried everything from loading the standard profile as per documentation here https://github.com/hifiberry/hifiberry-dsp/blob/master/doc/rew-basics.md 

I tried every dsptoolkit command I could think of, but the end result is still that I get sound, but very distorted sound.

One of the things that might be a pointer is that with a lot of filter commands, including the clear and store command I get the msg: error: root 0. error: root 0, error root 1, error root 2 , error root 0 (and after that a lot of error: root 0). This is something that I had not seen when first configuring the system.

So, my question is: how can I get the dsp chip to a clean state to be able to get my  system working again?

As a last remark: The dac+dsp is really a gem in the line-up. It really made a difference for my system, especially the integration of my subwoofer in the sound. Much smoother. The instructions were a bit esoteric, but I see that support and configuration is now being integrated into HifiBerryOS which makes it more accessible to people who do not want to mess with SSH and ftp. 



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