USB source problems


Initially, I wanted to use Volumio with DAC2HD, largely because I have a DAC+Pro with Volumio, so it would be an easy comparison. I had DAC recognition problems with Volumio, so I switched to HiFiBerryOS. 

Currently, my setup is on a Pi3, with DAC2HD. The DAC recognition works out of the box. Adding "Radio" works well, so I know the DAC is working. However, my USB source is a hit or miss. Sometimes it gets recognized and displays the music files, but often there are no items listed under USB at all (Sources->Music). When it does display the files, only the MP3 in folders gets displayed, but not the WAV or DSD. 

Is this a known bug? I was unable to track it.  

Browser is Firefox on Ubuntu. I've tried with Chrome on Ubuntu as well, but with the same result.

PS: I am unable to copy text from the browser (FF and Chrome), otherwise I'd copy/paste the "diagnostic Information" output here. 


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