I am currently using a BeoCreate+RPi to run a pair of LXMini speakers. After removing the power reducing pin on the 30W channels this works great. The many filters and shelfs are easily implemented and I love the sleek interface.

My next build is the LX521 speakers, but here I need 10 amplifiers, so even 2 BeoCreate boards is not enough.

My idea is to use 2 Beocreate and supplement these with two additional dsp/amp boards that accept a I2S stream. So each side would have a BeoCreate, supplemented with an extra dsp/amp board running as slave from the BeoCreate.

My question is can I use the BeoCreate as Master and send the I2S from the BeoCreate to another board?

What wires/cables to use? Distance will be less than 10 cm.


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