RPi 4 and HifiBerry DAC + Pro boot and sound problems

First post - please be gentle.


I have purchased a raspberry pi4 and HifiBerry DAC+ Pro. I can't get the Pi4 and DAC to work together. I have tried:

Booting the Pi to Raspberry PI OS with no DAC installed - no problems

Booting Pi with DAC installed in HifiBerry OS - booted up find and able to add sources etc. However no sound from the DAC. No test tone from the DAC from the command line. No LED shows on the DAC

Booting with DAC installed in Volumio - Pi won't boot

Booting without DAC installed in Volumio - no problem. Have then set the DAC to the correct model and subsequently installed the DAC - won't boot.

There are no shorts, all pins look fine.

So where do I go from here? Bear in mind I can just about open Terminal to operate the command line but I'm new to all of this.



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