Universal case (3/4) raspberry pi with DAC + DSP wont "snap".

Hello can someone please clarify what I am suppose to do to use these universal cases for the Pi 3 and Pi 4?


I am pushing the thing in pretty hard and it won't snap into place the RCA. I don't want to break the RCA connectors 


Am I supposed to put in the RPI first and then screw the HIFI berry onto it afterward?


I also noticed that my RPI 3 case does not have an opening for the MicroSD slot. It seems to be misrepresented in the pictures. Not very pleasing...

Has anybody out there managed to get either of these "universal" case working? did you just like borderline break the thing to get it in?

It seems like the RCA outputs get in the way of me actually being able to clip the base of the RPI board.

I am also not sure If I am supposed to cut those nylon screw tips off until the thing fits. Did anyone have to shorten the nylon screws?


There is not guide, no instructions... nothing.


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