Problems bluetooth (re)connexion from Ubuntu laptop

Hi all,

After having first set up a connexion from my Lenovo  Thinkpad running Ubuntu 20.04 without any problems, the connexion is OK for as long as I use it. But after shutdown or even simply deconnecting the audio device in the bluetooth device management list, I'm not able to reconnect again.

Only if I remove the Hifiberry AMP2 audio device from the bluetooth known devices list, wait for it to appear again as unknown device and then set up a new connexion again, then I can enjoy sound via the AMP2 again.

It seems related to connexions between my laptop and the hifiberry only. Connexions from/to my android work fine, both laptop<>android and android>hifiberry. 

Whuzup here?

Any thoughts (on subject, pref. on debugging or to resolve) are highly appreciated :)

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