AMP2 and GStreamer Apps

I have an AMP2 on a Pi4 running latest Raspbian (PI OS now) Buster, clean install.

Initial setup of the AMP2 was very easy and I have sound from my speakers when playing something from the desktop (random youtube video from the browser).

I'm trying to get Pithos up and running (which I think is a GStreamer app) and although it looks like it's playing, no sound.  I installed another GStreamer app (Totem) and experience the same thing.  Looks like it's playing but nothing.

Anyone have any ideas on where to start?  My google-fu is failing but definitely getting some hits on GStreamer apps and sound issues.  I'm not sure if I'm just totally overlooking something easy (like missing packages) or what.

Would appreciate a shove in the right direction, perhaps some suggestions on what logs to check or any ideas really.  I'm stumped.  Thanks.


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