Digi +IO driver question


I have a problem with 24bit resolution for Digi +IO.


Background: some time ago I have used the Digi in combination with the hifiberry-digi.c driver and Brutefir. In Brutefir I have selected S32_LE as resolution for input and output. The old software is still working BTW.


Now when I try to set up a newer system, e.g. the latest Raspbian or PiCore, I cannot select S32_LE anymore. Also S24_xLE does not work. ONLY S16_LE is working correctly but it is obviously restricted to 16 bits resolution.

Brutefir brings up an error message, the format S32_LE is invalid.

Now the driver has changed to the general rpi-WM8804-soundcard.c driver. Is this the possible reason?

How to fix the problem.? Of course I still like to send also Music data with 24bit resolution.

Any idea about this?





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