NAS option problems with large music collections

I've installed the latest HifiberryOS version and tried the NAS option (with the script). Because I have a large library (ordered by directory name) it took a while for the indexing was ready.

Unfortunately the indexing of Hifiberry is only on Artist and Album and not on Directory name.  The system is also to slow to browse through my large library and HifiberryOS hangs. I was't able to play a song.

Other musicplayer are doing NAS serveroptions better like Roon or MoOde audio or LibreELEC.

Roon also doesn/t have a directoryname option but because the core is on the  desktop PC, it is much faster then the Raspberry PI4

MoOde audio and LibreElec has an option to browse on a NAS directoryname.   

Perhaps it is possible for a next Hifiberry release to make an NAS directoryname option possible for browsing through a large musiccollection.

Thx for the good work anyway!

Regards Ronald


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