DAC2 HD pops between tracks

Getting static pops between tracks on Roon playback. Not every track skip, but about 2/3 of them. 

This is with a RPi4 and HFB DAC2 HD HAT, software is RoonBridge endpoint on DietPi OS. The RCA outs of the DAC2 HD are connected to an active speaker setup.

Figured the clicks might be related to power - so I tried a few power alternatives here, without success:
- USB-C power supply into the RPi4
- Added an AAmp60 to the HD2, powered through AAMP60 with a decent outboard power 18V power brick

Nothing fixes the pops.

I already have three other RPi4s each with an Amp2, powered by an external 18V brick into the Amp2, same software setup (DietPi/RoonBridge), running speakers around the house. So I know that RPi4, HiFiBerry amps and the external PSUs can be low noise/no static.

The DAC2 HD was supposed to be my "upgrade" from the Amp2, enabling me to make my better active speakers a Roon endpoint. Instead, the pops make the HD2 worse than using RPi4 as a DAC and just a small Amp2 HAT. 

What gives?


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