Control DAC with FPGA

I have been building a synthesizer based on an FPGA. I was starting to design a PCB with an amp and DAC on it when I discovered this suite of FPGA cards that have raspberry pi GPIO headers. It looks like I can theoretically use a HifiBerry card!

I already have my FPGA talking I2S. I am quite certain I can also get it to send any I2C signals it needs to in order to set up the DAC card. I'm just looking for some documentation on it. I started poking around the Raspbian source and I THINK the DAC is a TI PCM510x or close to it. It would be really great to know for certain.

If there is any documentation on it that I can get, that would be great. If not, I'm sure I can figure it out but I figured I'd ask first.



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