DAC+ DSP Power Supply from USB

Hi HiFiBerry Team,

Firstly, a great product.  I purchased the DAC+ DSP board to improve the sound from an LG OLED TV with a pair of Beolab 8000s.  It works very well.  I was expecting to have a lot of work to get the volume control from the magic remote to work and was pleasantly surprised to find the LG Sound Sync was already programmed and in the UI.  Big thank you to everyone involved.

Now that I have set up a number of filters and got the sound how I want it, I would like to remove the Pi and boot the board independently, install behind the TV and forget about it.  To do this, I would like to power the board from one of the TVs USB ports.  Does the board have a power regulator?  Do I need to supply 5v or 3.3v?

Thanks for your help.

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