New Dac + No Sound

Just got my first pi with a Dac+ Pro.  I downloaded HiFiBerryOS.  I tried to play music from Roon and then AirPlay and no sound.  Both sources show the music is playing just fine.  Other devices play just find through my amp and I've even tried multiple amps.

From what I understood from the install instructions I should be able to plug this in and it works.  I did a fresh install to make sure nothing got screwed up along the way and same results.  The web interface even seems flaky as sometimes I can connect and others times I can't (both wired and wifi).  After reboot it takes a good 10 minutes to even show up as a device.  I know I have a good connection as I can ssh to it any time I want.

Priority #1 is getting the thing to play.  Priority #2 is wondering why the connection to hifiberry.local is so flaky.


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