DAC+DSP Toslink-Out is not Channel C+D?

Hi! I'm just fiddling around with the DAC+DSP on a RasPi 4 running HiFiBerryOS. I have hooked up some active Speakers on Toslink-Out and an active Subwoofer on Analog-Out. I'm really impressed about the functionality and simpleness of using it. It does exactly what I want, except one thing. Since neither my speakers nor my subwoofer have crossover settings, I thought of setting it through DAC+DSP. This works for the Subwoofer (Channel A), but Speaker Equaliser don't have any effect on Channel C+D. Isn't it supposed to work like the BeoCreate = 2 Ch. In 4 Ch. Out? Could this be implemented in the default DSP profile (this would gain functionality, without making any compromises)?


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