Use HiFiBerry with Elk/Aloha


I wish to start a project with the HiFiBerry/RPi/Elk ecosystem. I never undertook a DIY project for audio. I'm quite competent with computers but I'm a newbie on all the other aspects of audio processing, so I would like to have some guidance on the pieces to buy before putting myself into it.

I would like to make a project that allows me to do two quite different things:

- Use the HiFiBerry/RPi as a synth/sequencer to use with my midi keyboard (Novation SLMkIII). I already use the keyboard with my DAW on the PC but I like experimenting  and I think it will be fun to do it with the HiFiBerry/RPi.

- Use the Aloha service from Elk OS to connect a vocal mic (Shure SM58, XLR, dynamic) to sing/jam with friends online.

I was thinking of getting the HiFiBerry/Elk bundle and follow the info https://www.hifiberry.com/docs/hardware/using-dynamic-microphones-with-the-dac-adc/  to connect the XLR mic via an XLR/RCA adapter.

Do you think it's the right way to go? I'll check also with the Elk community.




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