How to migrate a Beocreate Sigma studio project to 96k


At first, thank you for this great DIY offering!
With the Beocreate board I could re-active my 20 year old Fostex speakers easily. They sound very good now and the noise floor is low, even on 94dB speakers.

So far, I have created a SigmaStudio project based on "ReCreate-Basic-042019.dspproj", adjusted the IIR filters and added a bit of FIR filtering. These settings work well and are now uploaded to DSP EEPROM memory.

Then I wanted to try if a higher sampling rate would sound even better. But I cannot get the 96k rate working.

What I tried:

  • * Set the sample rate jumber on the Beocreate board to 96k (It is not  documented which one of the 2 jumpers is for 96k ... I assume it is the upper one/close to the board edge?)
  • * Switch sample rate in SigmaStudio to 96k and click on propagate. Then link, compile and download to the DSP board.
  • * Different settings of the MLCKOUT (BASE_FS * 512, BASE_FS * 256)

With these settings, I get some output, but the volume is very low.

Obviously, I am missing something. Which settings do I have modify to get 96k working? Or can someone provide a 96k sample project??




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