Potential for Spotify Connect on Raspberry Pi Zero W?

I'm currently using HiFiBerry OS on a Raspberry Pi 4 with a DAC+ Zero, and I'm very happy with it, it's simple to use, clean looking, and the most reliable Pi based music streamer I've found yet.  But using a Raspberry Pi 4, or even 3, seems a bit overkill for just streaming music, whereas the Pi Zero W is much cheaper, smaller, and, power-wise, better suited as a dedicated music streamer.  The problem is, HiFiBerry OS for the Pi Zero doesn't support Spotify streaming, which is the main service I use.  I know the documentation states that the Pi Zero isn't powerful enough to support all the services, so it only includes bluetooth and airplay. 

Is there any potential for supporting Spotify Connect on the Pi Zero version of the OS?

I know that the Pi Zero W is powerful enough to run Spotify Connect, I've seen many people do it and I've done it myself.  But I use both Spotify and bluetooth, and the only system I've seen that supports both is BalenaSound, which, unfortunately, just wasn't very reliable.  

I'm not looking for full feature support for the Pi Zero, just bluetooth and Spotify support, or even just some direction on figuring out how to support it up myself.


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