Wired network on HiFiBerryOS Lite for Raspberry Pi 0W?

With partial success, I set-up a Pi zero W with HiFiBerryOS Lite for Raspberry Pi 0W, and a HIFIBERRY DAC+ ZERO.

The main thing I don't have working is the wired Ethernet interface. I tried two different USB Ethernet adapters, including this one [ https://www.pishop.us/product/usb-2-0-and-ethernet-hub-3-usb-ports-and-1-ethernet/ ], which works great on three other Pi_0_W systems I'm running with Raspian and Ubuntu server.

The other issue is performance. Even with every service I'm not using turned off in the web GUI (I really only want to use Airplay, and perhaps Bluetooth speaker), While playing Airplay content, I see load averages (using the "uptime" command) around 4.0 when logged-in through SSH, and I get occasional and unpredictable stammers and drop-outs.

Are there other services or processes I can turn off from the web interface or from the command line that could reduce the system load?

I hope to eventually deploy at least half-a-dozen of these in inconspicuous solar-powered or POE-powered garden systems. I also plan to try the MINIAMP for this application.


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