Can the HifiBerry Digi+ Pro coexist with PCF8523 RTC?

I'm using my HifiBerry Digi+ Pro with a Raspberry Pi 4 and Open Auto 9.0.  It's a car audio setup that will be without persistent wifi, and will be continually shutting down and turning on.

I'm trying to get a Adafruit PCF8523 RTC breakout board working, but they both use GPIO 2 and 3 (SDA and SCL).  I have soldered pins to the breakout on the top of the Digi+, when I connect the RTC board, the system cannot recognize the Digi+.

Is there any documentation on how to share these GPIO pins so that the RTC breakout and the Digi+ can co-exist? I see in a support document that "are used by our products for configuration. If you are experienced with I2C, you might add other slave devices. If you a a novice, we don’t recommend this at all."

Is it possible to configure the Digi+ to do its communication on other GPIO pins?  I have not done any RTC configuration or installed any software yet to make it work, I didn't want to potentially disrupt a functioning Digi+.


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