New Software #20200708 - No output or distortion depending on DSP modes

The new Beocreate2 software (v20200708) is causing problems when installed on a Beocreate unit matched with an RPi 4 (4GB).

I've seen all sorts of issues ranging from DSP programs failing to write to no audio when attempting to use Beocreate Universal. When I have been able to install the DAC+DSP Universal program (only after a full software rollback and reinstall is completed), the audio is distorted and missing any midrange and bass.

On the new software, the error message "There is a problem accessing the sound processor (not responding)" seen often. Restarting the unit does not resolve the problem.

Rolling back to v20200527 allows the Beocreate Universal program to be installed, and audio is clear and full.

Something isn't working with this new software version. What diagnostics or logs do you need me to submit for troubleshooting?

Thank you.


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