Requested OS features/improvements/...

Along the way I found some things that would make life more easy using HiFiBerryOS.  Here I want to group some of my ideas and suggestions.  Feel free to add.


- laptopscreen layout can be improved 

   - resolution = 1366 x 768 :  A lot of space is used by the left menu.  Needs to use the scroll bar even when you hace only 1 album in it.  (can not read the album title from the bottom without scrolling down)

   - icons are quit big so you need a lot of scrolling.  giving the options to make them smaller in the userinterface would be suitable so users can adapt then according to their needs.  Size now will be H for my feeling M = 3/4 of H and L = 1/2 of H


 - Resolution op laptop (HD-screen) suffer from the same thing.  Only 4 artisit/ albums can be shown on 1 screen.  This require a lot of scrolling

- NTFS support so a windows external drive can be easily attached

- volume control is too sensitive. 

- Show progressbar while playing music

- show type and resolution of playing song (eg FLAC 44.1Bit-96Hz ; MP3 230 kbps)

- allow clicking on the picture of the playing song to go back iso using the smal '<" 

- scrolling through albums :  When you go into an album and scroll down.  Leave the album and open an other album, it isnt opended at the top of the songlist.

- Some songs are loud some are soft.  Needs volume control from the amplifier.  Is there a possible to improve things based on song en album GaIn setting

- Startup time is quiet long more then 2 minutes.

- manually updating the DB general-menu

Just Some thoughts from my side...Apart from that, the OS has nice touch and feel and is a joy to work with....compliments to the developmentteam




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