Use Standalone player with big SDcard to store music

Setting up hifiberry OS where I wanted to use the SDcard as storage for my local music wasn't as straightforward as with MoOde or Volumio.

Still hifiBerry is my favorite as it handles album and artist pictures better. (and looks likes it handles updates better too)

NTFS storage is't recognized by hifiberryOS, so no option to add my USB-drive to the Rpi.

Formatting the SDcard, 1 partiton FAT32 for OS and the rest as NTFS for the music isnt possible as hifiberry takes the whole space of the SDcard.

So best aproach for me is to handle things from my windows laptop.

Installed WinSCP and copy the files fro; there to /data/library/music/local.


Still facing some problems/improvements : 

1) Picture isn't shown properly on screen album detail:

File structure =<album>     subfolers : <Disk1>     <Disk2>

The cover-thumb.jpg is copied in <disk2>  but not in <disk1>  Putting  the cover-thumb.jpg in <disk1>  solves the problem


2) Formatting isn't ideal on screen 1366 x 768 (need scrollbar even only 1 album)

3) Artist and Album pictures are quiet big. (maybe OK for tablet use)On laptopscreen/smarthphone some smaller pictures will suit better



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