Volume control beocreate raspbian


I recently received a Beocreate and started playing with it.

I first started with hifiberry OS, played a radio, and could control volume without any issue.

Then I switched to volumio, set up hifiberry DAC and software mixer.

 * There's no hardware mixer. I think thats correct because with beocreate board, we use directly the DSP?


To actually have volume control in volumio, I need to set the maximum volume in hifiberryOS and store it, and then, volumio can lower the volume with the software mixer.

My main problem, is that now on startup, there's a semi loud pop, and volumio startup sound is loud too (hifiberry startup sound too)

I've found this link with tools :https://github.com/hifiberry/beocreate-tools

The mute / unmute with gpio works fine, but I cant find any information on how to controle volume, so that I could increase the volume after the bootup.


I'm using the default profile.


TLDR: can i control beocreate volume through raspbian with the default profile?





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