Beovox S35 speakers

I am building a large organ using Hauptwerk, and am fitting a Motu AO24 to spread the sound channels over many speakers to create a more three dimensional sound effect.  I have for many years stored a pair of Beovox S35 speakers which were from a Bang and Olufsen system my parents had (65 years ago?).  It was excellent for orchestral music and Motzart Clarinette concertos. The system has now died but the speakers remain.

I can't see how to connect these speakers to any normal amplifier as they seem to have only a single pin on the back hidden inside a finger wide hole.  Can anyone explain how these passive speakers can be connected and tested?

Exploring the web for information I discover the article on how to upgrade these speakers using a Raspberry Pi 3, and an extra amplifier.  But the article does not explain or describe what is actually achieved by this task.  It is not clear if this modification is necessary for each of the pair of speakers.

I need to know whether these vintage speakers would be useful in my organ project which I am planning to use 12 volt Wondom amps.

John Nicholson - North Wales.


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