Start Bluetooth pairing doesn't do anything, new HiFiBerry OS install on 3B+

So far I haven't done much since I don't have a spotify pro subscription (yet).  I was able to setup MPD and that works great.  I wanted to test the Bluetooth option and it doesn't seem to work.  I ordered the HiFiBerry DAC+ bundle with 3B+ back in July 2018 and just now putting it to better use since HiFiBerry OS is out.  

Let me know best steps to debug why Bluetooth doesn't seem to work.  Just to be clear, it does show up as enabled by defaut.  I can disable and renable it, and switch the settings for Open for pairing, but no option seems to affect when i press "Start Bluetooth Pairing".  I tried in Chrome and Firefox to be sure it wasn't a browser snafu.  Debugging in Chrome does show some warnings, but nothing specifically when i press that button. 

Any help would be appreciated


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