Snapcast client does not reattach to snapcast server

I am running 3 HiFiBerry OS clients and one RPi latest os DAC+ADC Pro from my record player.  I run a majority of music through roon from my NUC to the HiFiBerry OS Roon client.  Of course roon does not have an audio in option so I use snapcast to broadcast audio from my record player.  When you first set up snapcast client by entering the server address all is good, audio streams fine.  Then if the server gets rebooted then I have to go into the HiFiBerry sources page for snapcast and change the server IPto something else then change it back and voila, we are back in business.  This would not be too bad as I do not have to restart my snapcast server very often.  Unfortunately the same behavior exhibits itself if I plan music over the roon client.  After using the roon client I have to go back into the HiFiBerry OS sources page and change the snapcast server IP to something else then back again and voila back in business.  So again, while not terrible for me the WAF is too low for me to deal with...  Hoping this is something you would fix.  If not, a couple of pointers to where I might look in the code and I can submit a pull request.


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