No red light in optical ports. Digi I/O. Alsa -l sees card fine. Raspbian

Hello. I just can't get the red light inside either optical socket to light up on my new Digi I/O. (And no sound).
Is this always a sign of bad hardware? Sorry I have no coax equipment to compare.

The config went fine I think, seemed easy, I'm ok with terminal stuff.
The OS is Raspbian 10 (Buster)
Aplay -l showed the card fine, I connected it to the optical-in of some reliable equipment I know well, but this equipment's digital sync light showed no sync for the Digi I/O. There's no red light inside the optical socket with the door or the one without.

It sounds similar to the defective Digi+ here:

(That post mentions a test tone image which I would be happy to try before returning the hardware but all links I've found lead to your "nothing found page.")

Sorry I have nothing with a coax input to compare with the optical, but otherwise do the above things sound like my Digi I/O has a fault?


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