Amp2 on Raspi4 - separate Line-Out possible? Kodi?

My plan is to build a smal streaming client with an existing Raspi4 and thinking about buying an Amp2 because its power should be sufficient for the planned speakers. Main music source would be streaming from the iPhone to an Airplay client, this should be done by Kodi it I am correct. 

My question: Can I use both the line-out on the Raspi and the speaker-output on the Amp2? I know that the sound quality of the Raspi Audio Out is not great (this is why I buy a HifiBerry) but I would like to connect a spectrum analyzer to it, so the PWM-onboard-sound should be o.k.

Can I route the sound to both the Raspi-Onboard-Sound and to the HifiBerry Amp2 simultaneously?


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