AMP2: Stereo 2x30W or Mono 1x60w?

Hi guys,

my AMP2 is already in delivery and I have a question regarding speaker selection. For the experts here those might be fairly stupid questions, but I didn't find a proper thread looking around and I was wondering if I operate an AMP2 that outputs 2x30W but I only connect a single mono-speaker that is more capable, would the output be 1x60W and 1x0W (nothing connected) or is it still 1x30W and 1x0W?
If so, could I simply hook up both stereo channels to the same speaker and thus get  a) stereo to mono and b) 1x60w at the speaker? How does impedance play into this?
(My guess is however: it's 1x30W and i can't connect both outputs :-), but let's see)

Thanks and best regards


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