Build MPD with nfs support for RPi3 [HifiBerryOS + Buildroot]

Hi HifiBerry Folks,

Thanks for the awesome piece of hard- and software that is HifiBerry!

With my Raspberry Pi 3 I am going for a mpd satellite setup where my NFS Server runs mpd and stores the database. The raspberry pi shall mount the NFS Directory and use the proxy-plugin for the database.

Unfortunately mpd is compiled without nfs support and refuses to start when configured for nfs storage:

music_directory "nfs://fileserver.local/srv/mp3"

database {
    plugin "proxy"
    host "fileserver.local"
# mpd --version
Music Player Daemon 0.21.21 (0.21.21)


Database plugins:
simple proxy upnp

Storage plugins:
local smbclient udisks curl

I see you have disabled NFS Support in the file hifiberry-mpd.mk:


What steps are needed to re-enable NFS Support?



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