HiFiBerryOS New Install Fail after 1st boot

Good Day,

I flashed the latest downloadable image hifiberryos-20200424-pi3.img. I tried 2 separate flash disks. I also downloaded it twice.

The initial flash is successful.

The Pi3B+ is connected via Ethernet.

I can start with the web based config by accessing hifiberry.local from my PC.

While going through the 1st config steps the system becomes unresponsive and after a few seconds I cannot access the system any longer and then I hear a "scratch" noise on the speakers. This repeats at regular intervals, and I cannot access the system during that time.

When I re-boot the system (power off and on again) it immediately starts with the "scratch" intervals without any access to the portal.

I used the same Pi in the past with HiFiBerry OS with success.




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