DAC+ DSP DC Offset on outputs

Hello Team,

I have measured a substantial DC offset at the boards RCA connectors when the 4way-iir-delay-mixer-asrccontrol.xml profile is installed (in order to use the analogue input of the DAC+ DSP Add On).

I have two DAC+ DSP boards and measured the following:

Board 1: L - 0.238 V  R - 0.542 V

Board 2: L - 0.623 V  R - 0.157 V

Board 2 with DAC/ADC Add On board L - 0.842 V  R - 0.180 V

With DAC+ DSP Universal V10 profile installed the outputs measure ~ 0.001 V in all cases.

If you are able to reproduce, can it be rectified?

Best regards,



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