Selecting OS (NAS, Amazon Music, Tidal)

I am looking for an OS that will allow me to play audio from the following sources:

1) NAS

Containing mostly FLAC files, but some MP3 and other formats. The FLAC files range from 16 and 24 bit with sample rates from 44.1 through 192khz. Most are 16/44, and then 24/88 or 96 is the next most common.

2) Amazon Music

I have a Prime membership which includes a basic Amazon Music service. I would be interested in upgrading to the Music Unlimited plan. I know Amazon also offers HD tracks, although I am not sure if there is another plan tier or included in the Unlimited plan. Either way, I would like to make use of Amazon Music.

3) Tidal

I have been kicking around getting a Tidal subscription. This may be in addition to Amazon, or in lieu of the unlimited Amazon plan. I don't know yet, but I would like the flexibility to stream from Tidal.


I am currently running piCorePlayer v6.0.0 and have LMS running both on the piCorePlayer (for when I travel), but also on a dedicated server here at home. I am not overly impressed with the web streaming options, but with the Material skin it has been a decent solution to play from my local library.


From what I have seen of HiFiBerry OS it looks like a really nice and clean interface. What options does it have for internet radio streaming?


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