Questions about project to access audio input

Hello, I am sorry for a naive noob question, but I was not able to find relevant information. I will be grateful if anybody can point me in the right direction.

I am trying to build a simple "disco light" setup controlled by RPi. I have chain of individually addressable ws2811 LEDs and I would like to create some visual effects based on audio input. The actual audio source is not the Raspberry, it's some other device. I will run analog audio ouput from that other device through some line splitter and one line will be plugged into an audio card on Raspberry.

Now the questions:

1. I was thinking about DAC+ ADC card for this, is that a good choice?

2. How can I access information about the incoming audio signal from my program (I am writing in plain C)? I see there is DSP toolkit project on Github, but I am afraid I don't understand how it works. Should I download SigmaStudio and create DSP program there? The datasheet does not mention DSP anyway, so it's probably not present anyway?

3. I need to use GPIO 12 pin to control my LEDs, is it possible to solder a header on DAC+ ADC?

Again, I am sorry for my ignorance on this topic and I will be grateful for any information.


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