Digi+ to Digi+ I/O


I have a digi+ which (from looking at the datasheet for the Wolfson part) appears to have all the components fitted for the inputs apart from the connectors.

I'm currently working on a project to inject an SPDIF stream into the utiltity pair on a HDMI connector while handling CEC messages to fake a ARC device (essentially I'm creating a fake TV with ARC where I can inject any signal I want).  I have all the ARC handshaking working and I'm about to break out the oscilloscope and look at the signals on the utility line (they multiplex ethernet and the SPDIF signal on a pair, the ethernet is carried over the differential signal and the SPDIF is carried as a common mode signal, all gravy.

I need to be able to do some experiments both generating and receiving SPDIF signals (although the final device only needs to generate, but for testing it would be useful to receive as well), as I have the digi+ this seems ideal for the test.

I have some identical RCA jacks to what are fitted on the output which I can fit.

Is anything else needed?  EEPROM modifications?



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