DAC+ DSP Control volume

Hi all, I'm new here, and my english is so bad so sorry for that... But well, I hope you'll can help me anyway.

I recieved my Raspberry 4 and DAC+ DSP a few days ago. I installed it with LibreElec. I linked RCA outputs on my sound system (2.1), HDMI on TV (for watching with Kodi), and Toslink input on TV (to send the sound from TV to sound system when I don't use Kodi).

All of that works fine but I still got a demande. For now, I only can control volume from my sound system that doesn't have any remote. I'd like to control volume with a remote so 'm looking for something to control the DAC volume with a remote via the raspberry board.

I found something about amixer and this command line : "amixer -c 0 set Digital 80%". I tried it but it doesn't work ("amixer: Unable to find simple control 'Digital',0").
The command line "
amixer -c 0 scontrols" and "amixer scontrols" don't return anything and "amixer info" return :
Card default 'sndrpihifiberry'/'snd_rpi_hifiberry_dac'
    Mixer name : ''
    Components : ''
    Controls : 0
    Simple ctrls : 0

So I guess I have to use the "amixer cset" command line right ? But how to use it ? I mean, what are the good parameters in my case ?

And overall, am I on the right track ? 

Thank you.


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