Optical input is active, no sound. Sigmastudio mutes all outputs.


I am working on a setup to be able to do measurements on my loudspeakers and encountered some problems with the optical input and also Sigmastudio on my Beocreate amplifier. I am running the latest HifiberryOS on a Raspberry 3B. Sound preset is set on "Other Speaker", and DSP Program on "Beocreate Universal".
I am feeding a 48khz audio signal into the input of the Beocreate board, and I also see the optical input switching on active on hifiberry.local, but there is nothing showing up on the amplifier outputs. Did I miss something, and extra step maybe?

A different problem is that I wanted to implement some correction and filters in Sigmastudio, but whenever I play something from spotify and connect to the DSP and click on "Link compile download" all the outputs get muted and I have to restart the board to have audio again. I am using the basic project downloaded from the hifiberry homepage which used to work for me a couple months ago. Did the routing change in the latest updates of the OS? Or did I overlook something here as well?

Thank you in advance for the help!


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