HiFIBerryOS DAC+DSP Spotify Connect Audio Comparison



I did some A B comparison test between Hifiberry DAC+ DSP running HiFiBerryOS and my Yamaha RX-V585. 


- Spotify Connect > Hifiberry DAC+ DSP (DSP and EQ Off) > Optical Out > Yamaha RX-V585 (DSP Off)


- Spotify Connect > Yamaha EX-V585 (DSP Off)


What I hear is that the Yamaha play its spotify audio less muddy, less distorted more bright. It's almost comparable to Tidal CD quality > Roon > HiFiBerry.

How can this possible? Is the HiFiBerry DAC involved even with optical output? Could be that the Yamaha is upsampling the audio from its Spotify Connect? 






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