ADC to Raspberry Pi to Airplay Speaker?

Hi everyone,

I'm very new to the raspberry pi world and am not sure if what I am trying to achieve is possible. I have an analogue hifi set up in one room of my house with turntable/cd player/amplifier, and in my kitchen a wifi/airplay speaker (Libratone not Sonos!). I'm keen to link the two up so I can play my records/CDs and listen to them in the kitchen. Rather than buying a long cable I thought I would try and find a more elegant solution via raspberry pi. My plan was to take the analogue line out from the amplifier into the ADC and then use the raspberry pi to transmit to the speakers. Can anyone see any glaring issues with this before I invest in an ADC? The transmitting from the raspberry pi seems a bit of a faff, in that I haven't found anything suggesting you can transmit directly to airplay speaker from the raspberry pi, and instead will need to create an Icecast radio stream then stream that to the speaker via my phone, again if anyone knows a better way that would be brilliant. Finally can I ask how much of a difference is there between the ADC and the ADC pro?

Thanks so much in advance for any advice.

All best,



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