Wifi cannot connect - help please! Rasp + Amp2 - Hifiberry OS


My Raspberry Pi  cannot connect to wifi.

I have a Raspberry Pi3B+ and a Hifiberry Amp 2 with Hifiberry OS running.

The initial start with ethernet cable was fine. I configured my spotify acount and I saved the credentials for my wifi network (but it continues working by ethernet) by web browser.

Then I turn it off and I unplug the ethernet cable and when I turn on the device, it cannot connect to wifi and I get the message "No Network connected, configure network using Wifi Setup" under the HifiberryOS Logo on the screen. The problem is that I can't find any netwok called "Hifiberry Setup" or connect through "http://HiFiBerry.local" as if it was a initialization.

What should I do?



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