No sound from TOSLINK out with DAC+ DSP Univeral profile

Hello everyone,

First off I want to say, I really don't know what I'm doing so please bear with me. Don't know much about audio, electronics, linux, etc. I just wanted to make a simple streamer with both analog and digital outputs and digital input, so the DAC+ DSP board seemed the way to go. I'm using HiFiBerry OS.

Initially both analog and digital output seemed to be working, but of course (predictably) I started clicking around and loaded one of the included DSP profiles (I can't remember which, or neither, it was originally set to). Ever since I have had no digital output on TOSLINK. I tried (re?)loading the included DAC+ DSP Univeral profile, as well as the  "Default" profile suggested on some other threads (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hifiberry/hifiberry-dsp/master/sample_files/xml/dacdsp-default.xml) via dsptoolkit. At one point my speakers emitted a high pitched beep, which didn't seem to do any serious damage, but was a bit disconcerting...

I went through set up again with the fresh image, but it seems like I already pushed the wrong program to the DSP section somehow? Or maybe the problem is unrelated to that? I'm kind of at a loss what to try next troubleshooting wise. RCA output seems to work fine, and the various filter/EQ applied through the GUI take effect. Thank you, and apologies in advance for my ignorance! :-P


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