HifiBerry first steps


I received the board yestarday and first thing I learned: you need a HifiBerryOS, fair enough, should be easier
for mere mortals to set-up and use.
So, prepared SD-card, connected mouse and keyboard and quite soon realized there is no need for them.
Booted. Must have been the longest boot I've ever seen on a Raspi.
Finally I saw a message on the screen telling me I should configure WiFi as ethernet is not available.
Connected ethernet, rebooted, got a coffee ;-) at the end the same message, I should configure WiFi.
Connected to hifiberry's AccessPoint tried to connect to it.
Found somewhere I should use http://hifiberry.local as URL to connect to it and config the box.
It didn't work: I use a Linux-PC with ethernet, to connect to the hifiberry I plugged a USB WiFi adapter, in
this configuration hifiberry.local couldn't get resolved.
Why don't you just inform users to use the IP you hardcoded into hifiberry's AccessPoint:
With this it worked, could connect and change WiFi settings to my liking.
After a reboot on the display I saw the new IP address. Connected to it.
Next, tried to enable remote access, SSH. It took very long and I was told it's done, but no SSH running.
Then I tried to change password to protect the system. But what is here the user? Ah, it's pi, found somwhere.
So I gave its default password (at least this one was written on the page) and clicked send.
The result was a white page with a word "true" in the upper left corner.

Pitty there is no one page introduction, like "First steps with hifiberry".
Or maybe I just couldn't find it.

Maybe I will write one when I have my hifiberry working.


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