DAC+ ADC Pro recording, Audacity, configuration, LEDS

Hifiberry DAC+ ADC Pro, HW=1.0.1, current kernel (4.19.97-v7+)


Everything looks fine, the card is listed and I can configure its settings in alsamixer and Input Device Options.

When I try to record a Line level audio source, connected to the input 3.5mm jack (using Audacity) a red led turns on on the card until I stop the recording. (It also seems to turn on for a short time, when I change the recording quality settings and after boot up.)

However, I always get only silence recorded (all samples exactly zero).

Does the red led indicate recording?

The configuration options look quite complicated - do I have to change any settings for recording line level from the 3.5mm jack? Is there any documentation available concerning the LEDs and the configuration optios (what does VINL1(SE) mean)?

Are there any restrictions on sample-rate, bit-depth, etc?

I have successfully used the whole setup with a Hifiberry Digi+ card (and dtoverlay) to record SPDIF and TOS digital input successfully...



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